Where are you…

I have been hearing people say that the christian church must “meet people where they are at.”  I have been thinking about what this phrase means.  Here are my thoughts/questions:

  1. Are you soulless?  I am shocked to find that there are so people that believe that they have no soul and that this life is all there is.  Some my question that I put this first, but without a belief in one’s own soul, is there really any need to go further?  Have you lost your belief in yourself or have you had no exposure to the traditional christian church?
  2. God.   Again I am shocked (and I really shouldn’t be) that so many people are so certain that there is no God.  I cannot fathom a universe without God.  I consider myself lucky. Once we establish that there is more to you than this worldly existence, we can begin to address who created you and your relationship to your creator.
  3. Are you lost?  You may know that there is a God and that there is more to you than your human body but you think you are so far away from God that you cannot make it back.

These are the extreme cases but they open the discussion about meeting people where they are at and allowing God to work through the church to reconcile to them.

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