I spent this past week trying to resurrect a train simulator that has lain dormant for for a few years.  Sure it is my job and I get paid to do it.  Still no one else has volunteered or expressed the slightest interest in reviving this million dollar marvel that was state of the art just a decade ago.

It is my calling.  It is what I was born and raised to do.  What drives me?  I hate waste.  My parents were born during the depression.  They were also farmers.  I will write more on those two subjects.

Why do I hate waste?  We spend our precious time and resources toiling to produce goods and services.  This is good.  Whenever I see those goods or services wasted I cringe.  How can we let valuable assets be frittered away in a world that is facing shortages?  We all want to live the good life so don’t waste.


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