I watched a bit of Tom Clancy’s Clear and Present Danger last week.  The scene where the President utters the title of the book and film got me to thinking about how our country’s attitude towards drugs is making the war against the futile.  We really need to change.

In Clear and Present Danger the President unleashes special forces against the drug cartels.  When things go wrong, young men lose their lives, cover ups are put in motion and Jack Ryan must save the day.  I wonder just how close to reality Mr. Clancy treads.

The real problem is not the drug lords, it is the drug users.  Take out one drug lord and another will pop up to take his place.  They are cockroaches and there is too much money to keep them reproducing.  What we must do is change our attitude towards drugs.  Drugs are a lie.  They lie to your body and mind.  If you are sick or injured this is necessary.  Fooling the brain and nerves in these situations surely is handy.  Recreational drug use must be exposed as the real Clear and Present Danger to our country.  In addition to the expense and collateral damage attributed to the war on drugs there all the damage to the drug users, their friends and family, and the community in general.  We must stop using recreational drugs.

Drugs are a lie and a  Clear and Present Danger to our country.


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