RC’s Rugs

I gave my place a much needed cleaning this weekend.  This included washing the three hand loomed rag rugs that my father made years ago.  Given their size and composition, I find putting them in bath tub with a little laundry detergent the easiest and safest way to eliminate the dust that seems to accumulate in at an alarming rate.

Hand agitating the rugs gives me time to reflect on RC as he was affectionately know by his initials.  Dad liked to buy things like the loom at farm auctions, the ancestor of ebay. After he acquired a treasure like the loom, he would bring it home and tinker with it.  He decided to make rag rugs with the loom.  I remember he would cut strips of cloth from old clothes then feed them through the strings strung in the loom.  After shifting the mechanism, he would repeat the process.  I was in my twenties at the time and I had no patience for such a mundane hobby.

Years later when my brother and sister cleaned out his house after he moved to a nursing home, I was given my three rugs.  At first I never used or appreciated them.  Then last year when I moved to my new place the rugs seemed to fit perfectly.  Now I have my monthly ritual where I wash my rugs and remember my father working on his loom in our basement.

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